Noah Gundersen’s “Family” Release Show

You should probably buy “Family” if you haven’t. You will love it.

Kale - I love the new pics Michael. You are one gifted man.

Le Grand Cru » Blog Archive » Noah Gundersen Show Recap - […] Congrats to Kyle Jones for winning the tickets to Noah’s show at the Columbia City Theater. Here’s a little recap from Kyle: A Family Ordeal Noah Gundersen’s CD release at Columbia City Theater was a family engagement and the perfect thing to get away from the city grind during Seafair festivities. Sister Abby was on stage playing in both the opening acts as well as with Noah for the whole show. The second opener Le Wrens is comprised on three Gundersen’s including Elizabeth, Jonathan, and Abby, with close friends Kale Lotton and Michael Porter rounding out the band. There twist of folk and country, singer song writer style perfectly prepped the crown for Noah’s set. Le Wrens, although young, played a very polished set with all original music, except for a cover of Johnny Cash’s song, Folsom Prison Blues which really got the crowd going. On to Noah….the twenty two year old never ceases to amazing me. Him and Abby accompanied by his first opener, Zach Fleury, who played percussion throughout the first half of Noah’s set, wowed the crowd with beautiful stories, acoustic awesomeness, and vocals beg you to picture his songs as he sung them. Its hard to pin point the feeling you get when you hear him play but its like you can actually hear what his soul is saying. It was definitively a night to remember and a reason to look forward to the winter when Noah will be releasing a full length album. Thanks to Le Grand Cru for hooking me up with tickets and a free signed CD. And if you haven’t heard Noah Gundersen please check out his bandcamp and facebook pages, listen to his music and catch his next show, you will not regret it. Pictures courtesy of Michael Porter […]

Keelan - Wow! Love these



I took this photo at Gasworks Park a few weeks back.

Travis Ehrenstrom - Absolutely amazing!!!!

Nathan - This is amazing, Michael. Really, really captures an emotion, a feeling that cant quite be put into words. Good stuff.

Kendra - :-O <—this is my face right now. Blast, I cannot come up with the right words to describe it!!! I'm just in awe of your talent, your "eye", thank you for capturing this and sharing it with us. It makes me miss this place so much, but honestly my love and attachment for Seattle is really just the love in my heart for you, Melyssa, Bruce, Patrick, Tommy, Melodie, etc. Seattle will always be the backdrop to the beauty of your friendships. This picture represents and conjures THAT…I guess that is why I can't quite explain it right.

Kira - This looks familiar! So glad you are sharing it 🙂

Brianna Phelan - Seriously? Insane.