Emily: 2 sessions



katie strain-anders - Your photography is amazing! I would love to hire you when I come home in the fall to take pics with my little sis Lindsey and my fam….

Tanya T. - These are beautiful! I like your style.
Do you have a facebook page for your photography?

Michael - Thanks Tanya! I don’t have a FB page for my photography though.

Tommy and Olga

Portland, OR

Tommy and Olga are in a band that just put out an amazing new album called Young Love. Check them out: KyeKye

kristen - Yeah man, yeah man, yeah man, yeah man.

ben blood - #209 is $$$$$$$$$$!

Alison Clinton - Amazing. These shots are your best yet. Well done =)

joey - beautiful wedding! and i love your style of photos. you’ve got some lovely, lovely shots in there.

Nirav - Dude… you blew this out of the water. Amazing work!

jennifer armstrong - i just stumbled across your site & so glad i did. Beautiful, truthful work. Love the filmy feel to your photographs & the honesty they portray. I’ll be back for inspiration! Thank you.

Rebecka Regan - Michael, this is INSANE! So perfect. You hit it dead-on every time, I swear. I am so thrilled about the work you’re doing these days!