Kye Kye Winter Tour, Part 2

Kye Kye released their new album TODAY! You need to take a listen; it’ll blow your mind. It’s called “Fantasize” and you can get it HERE.

These shows took place in Austin, Tucson, and San Diego. This is post #2 out of 3, so check back soon for the last in the series!

Larisa Plod - These are amazing pictures of amazing people!


Some portraits and a couple landscapes from 2013mp_blog_02webmp_blog_01webmp_blog_03webmp_blog_04webmpmp_blog_07webmp_blog_09webmp_blog_08web

Karen - I just can’t get over the sheer beauty (and the talent it takes to capture that beauty) in those landscape photos!!

greg gundersen - nice

davejones - That house on Whidbey island comes to my mind from time to time. So good.