I took this photo at Gasworks Park a few weeks back.

Travis Ehrenstrom - Absolutely amazing!!!!

Nathan - This is amazing, Michael. Really, really captures an emotion, a feeling that cant quite be put into words. Good stuff.

Kendra - :-O <—this is my face right now. Blast, I cannot come up with the right words to describe it!!! I'm just in awe of your talent, your "eye", thank you for capturing this and sharing it with us. It makes me miss this place so much, but honestly my love and attachment for Seattle is really just the love in my heart for you, Melyssa, Bruce, Patrick, Tommy, Melodie, etc. Seattle will always be the backdrop to the beauty of your friendships. This picture represents and conjures THAT…I guess that is why I can't quite explain it right.

Kira - This looks familiar! So glad you are sharing it 🙂

Brianna Phelan - Seriously? Insane.

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