Since I can remember, capturing moments and documenting life was something I’ve enjoyed, starting with the toy camera pictured above. As a child, my mother occasionally let me shoot photos on the 35mm Minolta. I found myself very present behind the camera, especially in scenery and nature.

High school brought further exploration into film photography. Developing and printing photos in a darkroom was fascinating, as 35mm negatives would become prints in front of my eyes. Peers and family friends started reaching out for photos. First senior portraits and events, then weddings, which led me to be shooting photos very frequently starting in high school.

Since then I have been shooting portraits, musicians, and weddings. I have also been the “second shooter” with numerous photographers at countless other weddings.

Music is another passion of mine. So is coffee. And everything green (PNW born and raised)

Photography has brought me to Ireland, Honduras, and all over the US. I’m truly open to any destination.

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