Holly & Nathan

Portland, OR

ben blood - lookin’ good!

Melyssa - Absolutely beautiful!

Rebecka - Oh these are dreamy! You effortlessly capture such moodiness in your processing. Too many good ones here. Your colors blow my mind but your b&w are always the best.

Jordy - Real good. I like how you captured the food. Could be straight from one of the J. Oliver’s books. Hi five!

Kye Kye Tour, Part 2, w/ John Mark McMillan

jamila - what? jude moses and JMM? who’s the lady? who’s kye kye? how’d you get to go no tour. amazo! congrats homie!

Michael - yeah it was awesome, Jamila! kye kye is made up of some rad people in portland that i’m friends with. they are a phenomenal band . i was taking photos/video/doing merch for them. this is their 2nd tour with JMM.

Kye Kye Tour, Part One

These shows took place in Palm Springs at Beloved Collective (an amazing photography festival) and in Santa Clarita, CA.

cameron cowles - these are awesome. always love your tones. well done!

Natahsha Priya - Beautiful photos, they have such a raw element to them. You perfectly captured the band.

Michael - Thanks, Natasha! Stay tuned for more photos of tour 🙂

Nick Cross - Love these shots! Can’t wait for second installment 🙂