Noah Gundersen : Ledges Tour, Part 3, B & W

I shot this whole batch of tour photos in black & white in-camera. B&W  photos have always caught my attention; they have a timeless,  endearing quality.

Akron, OH – Musicamp_ledges3_155mp_ledges3_156mp_ledges3_158Columbus, OH – Rumba Cafemp_ledges3_157mp_ledges3_160mp_ledges3_159mp_ledges3_161mp_ledges3_163mp_ledges3_162mp_ledges3_165Indianapolis, IN – Do317 Loungemp_ledges3_166mp_ledges3_169mp_ledges3_168mp_ledges3_170mp_ledges3_171Nashville, TN – Mercy Loungemp_ledges3_172mp_ledges3_175mp_ledges3_173mp_ledges3_176mp_ledges3_177mp_ledges3_184mp_ledges3_178mp_ledges3_179mp_ledges3_181mp_ledges3_182mp_ledges3_180mp_ledges3_183mp_ledges3_185mp_ledges3_186Austin, TX – SXSWmp_ledges3_174mp_ledges3_187mp_ledges3_192mp_ledges3_191mp_ledges3_193mp_ledges3_188mp_ledges3_195mp_ledges3_197mp_ledges3_196Austin, TX - Willie Nelson’s Ranch/Chapelmp_ledges3_198mp_ledges3_199mp_ledges3_201mp_ledges3_200mp_ledges3_202mp_ledges3_203mp_ledges3_204mp_ledges3_205mp_ledges3_207mp_ledges3_208mp_ledges3_206mp_ledges3_209mp_ledges3_212mp_ledges3_211Austin, TX – SXSWmp_ledges3_214mp_ledges3_213mp_ledges3_216mp_ledges3_215mp_ledges3_217Drive day – Austin, TX to New Orleans, LAmp_ledges3_218mp_ledges3_219Off days – New Orleans, LAmp_ledges3_221mp_ledges3_220mp_ledges3_222mp_ledges3_223mp_ledges3_224mp_ledges3_226mp_ledges3_225mp_ledges3_227mp_ledges3_229mp_ledges3_228New Orleans, LA - St. Louis Cemetery mp_ledges3_230mp_ledges3_231mp_ledges3_232mp_ledges3_233mp_ledges3_234mp_ledges3_235mp_ledges3_236mp_ledges3_237mp_ledges3_238mp_ledges3_239mp_ledges3_241mp_ledges3_240mp_ledges3_242mp_ledges3_243mp_ledges3_244mp_ledges3_247mp_ledges3_246mp_ledges3_245mp_ledges3_248

Christine - What lens or lenses did you use on the tour?

Michael - I use Canon’s
24mm 1.4
35mm 1.4
50mm 1.2
85mm 1.8

Noah Gundersen : Ledges Tour, Part 2

Phoenix, AZ – The Rhythm RoomDenver, CO – The Soiled Dove Underground
Omaha, NE – Slowdown
Ames, IA – The Maintenance ShopeMinneapolis, MN – 7th Street EntryMadison, WI – The FrequencyMilwaukee, WI – Shank HallSt. Louis, MO – The Demomp-0307webmp-0299webmp-0333webEvanston, IL – Space

mp_ledges_5Akron, OH - Musica

Keelan - These look great! Awesome job man.

Kilroy - Lovely. Just lovely.

Samantha Gish - These are wonderful Michael! Love looking at your work. Looks like you’re having a great time 🙂

Kelly O - Your photos tell stories. Wonderful job, sir.

Ilaria - omg these photos are beautiful in so many ways!

Toby - My son, Nick, loves your music, he sings your songs and I would love for him to see you in concert. Thanks! Toby

Noah Gundersen : Ledges Tour, Part 1

I am currently on the road with Noah Gundersen (and band) for six weeks taking photos of his Ledges tour. It’s been a blast hanging out so far; Noah and his family are some of my dearest friends, and they’ve always treated me like an addition to their family.

I’ll be blogging tour photos from the road for the remainder of this tour, so follow along on my blog if you’d like! Here are some shots of the first week:

Seattle, WA – Neptune Theatre – Album Release

mp_ledges_001mp_ledges_003mp_ledges_002mp_ledges_008mp_ledges_005mp_ledges_006mp_ledges_009mp_ledges_007Portland, OR – Doug Firmp_ledges_010mp_ledges_011mp_ledges_012mp_ledges_014Drive day – Portland, OR to San Francisco, CAmp_ledges_017mp_ledges_015mp_ledges_016mp_ledges_018mp_ledges_019mp_ledges_020mp_ledges_021mp_ledges_022mp_ledges_023mp_ledges_024mp_ledges_025San Francisco, CA -Brick & Mortar mp_ledges_026mp_ledges_027Drive day – San Francisco to Los Angeles, CA / Press daymp_ledges_029mp_ledges_028mp_ledges_030mp_ledges_031mp_ledges_032mp_ledges_033mp_ledges_036mp_ledges_037mp_ledges_034mp_ledges_035Los Angeles, CA – The Troubadormp_ledges_040mp_ledges_039mp_ledges_038mp_ledges_041San Diego, CA – Soda Barmp_ledges_042mp_ledges_043mp_ledges_044mp_ledges_046mp_ledges_045mp_ledges_047mp_ledges_048mp_ledges_050Drive day – San Diego, CA to Phoenix, AZmp_ledges_053mp_ledges_052mp_ledges_054mp_ledges_055mp_ledges_051mp_ledges_056

Nicole - These are amazing Michael! You have such a great eye. If you end up on this side of the world I will hopefully make it to a show!

Rachel Sumner - So wonderfully captured Michael. J & N and the missing slipper is so perfect. Miss you all!

MYoung - Bravo! Great work! And so good seeing you all!

Craig Penrod - Great show in Phoenix. Ledges album is epic. Grammy?

Aubrey Morrow - Great pics. What a wonderful way to remember the moments forever. Great work!

Todd Haywood - Great stuff! Loved the Portland show!

Emily Weeks - I love these.

greg gundersen - The bird shot is amazing amongst all the classy living captures –
Thanks for the gift

Scott Walker - Amazing pictures, love this stuff. Reminds me of Neal Casals A view of other windows book. Be great to see them all in a book once the tour is over.

Chrisi - Beautiful pictures. Each one alone tells a chapter, all of them strung together will tell the story. Wonderful work. It was nice to meet you in Ames. Safe travels.

jason smith - Cant wait too see the phoenix pictures!

Kye Kye “People”

I haven’t experimented much with video, but I’m excited to share this with you: a montage of Kye Kye performing “People” off of their new album, Fantasize. I shot this on Kye Kye’s winter tour with Gungor a couple weeks back. My brother David helped me with editing the footage to the studio track. The shows were in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, and California.

Blake Rasmussen - Sick! Looks super good.

Kye Kye Winter Tour, Part 3

I had a blast traveling with Kye Kye for a couple weeks of their winter tour. Here are the last set of photos from my time with them. Soon I’ll be posting a video montage from the shows! If you haven’t listened to the album yet… It’s called “Fantasize” and you can get it HERE.