Noah Gundersen : Ledges Tour, Part 4

This is the final batch of tour photos from the last leg of Noah Gundersen’s Ledges tour, 2/15/2014 – 4/3/2014. I can’t even begin to express what an unbelievable experience this whole tour was, which had lot to do with the amazing crew: Noah, Abby, Jonny, AJ, Micah, & Matt. You guys are the best.

In addition to photos, at the end of this post is a video montage from the tour, shot by myself and edited by Noah. There will be more videos coming soon.

Birmingham, AL – BottletreeAtlanta, GA – Eddie’s Attic
Charlotte, NC – The Evening MuseCarrboro, NC – Cat’s CradleVienna, VA – Jammin’ Javamp_ledges4_287webPhiladelphia, PA – World Cafe LiveNew York, NY – Rockwood Music HallBoston, MA – The Redroom @ Berklee College of MusicMontreal, QC – Cafe CampusToronto, ON – The Drake HotelAnn Arbor, MI – The ArkDrive Days – Ann Arbor, MI -> Seattle, WA

Noah Gundersen : Ledges Tour, Part 3, B & W

I shot this whole batch of tour photos in black & white in-camera. B&W  photos have always caught my attention; they have a timeless,  endearing quality.

Akron, OH – Musicamp_ledges3_155mp_ledges3_156mp_ledges3_158Columbus, OH – Rumba Cafemp_ledges3_157mp_ledges3_160mp_ledges3_159mp_ledges3_161mp_ledges3_163mp_ledges3_162mp_ledges3_165Indianapolis, IN – Do317 Loungemp_ledges3_166mp_ledges3_169mp_ledges3_168mp_ledges3_170mp_ledges3_171Nashville, TN – Mercy Loungemp_ledges3_172mp_ledges3_175mp_ledges3_173mp_ledges3_176mp_ledges3_177mp_ledges3_184mp_ledges3_178mp_ledges3_179mp_ledges3_181mp_ledges3_182mp_ledges3_180mp_ledges3_183mp_ledges3_185mp_ledges3_186Austin, TX – SXSWmp_ledges3_174mp_ledges3_187mp_ledges3_192mp_ledges3_191mp_ledges3_193mp_ledges3_188mp_ledges3_195mp_ledges3_197mp_ledges3_196Austin, TX – Willie Nelson’s Ranch/Chapelmp_ledges3_198mp_ledges3_199mp_ledges3_201mp_ledges3_200mp_ledges3_202mp_ledges3_203mp_ledges3_204mp_ledges3_205mp_ledges3_207mp_ledges3_208mp_ledges3_206mp_ledges3_209mp_ledges3_212mp_ledges3_211Austin, TX – SXSWmp_ledges3_214mp_ledges3_213mp_ledges3_216mp_ledges3_215mp_ledges3_217Drive day – Austin, TX to New Orleans, LAmp_ledges3_218mp_ledges3_219Off days – New Orleans, LAmp_ledges3_221mp_ledges3_220mp_ledges3_222mp_ledges3_223mp_ledges3_224mp_ledges3_226mp_ledges3_225mp_ledges3_227mp_ledges3_229mp_ledges3_228New Orleans, LA – St. Louis Cemetery mp_ledges3_230mp_ledges3_231mp_ledges3_232mp_ledges3_233mp_ledges3_234mp_ledges3_235mp_ledges3_236mp_ledges3_237mp_ledges3_238mp_ledges3_239mp_ledges3_241mp_ledges3_240mp_ledges3_242mp_ledges3_243mp_ledges3_244mp_ledges3_247mp_ledges3_246mp_ledges3_245mp_ledges3_248

Christine - What lens or lenses did you use on the tour?

Michael - I use Canon’s
24mm 1.4
35mm 1.4
50mm 1.2
85mm 1.8