I was camping with my family at Ike Kinswa State park when I took this photo. It’s a 30 second exposure with no tripod (I just rested my camera on my leg). What you’re seeing in the middle of this photo is smoke from our fire. It’s crazy how many stars there are…

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Kendra - Oh my goodness!!! NO TRIPOD!?!?!? You are brilliant my friend. Please visit soon!!!!

Red and Rachel

It was a great experience shooting Red and Rachel’s wedding. I’ve shot a lot of weddings with Red, so it was a rewarding experience to be able to take photos of his intimate boat wedding.

Alderbrook Resort-  Union, WA

Check out Red’s work: Newspin Photo

Alison Clinton - Michael, these are amazing!! I’m in love with all of them, especially the one where you’re shooting through the tree & the one of their hands. Beautifully done!

Michael - Thanks so much Alison! That seriously means a ton to me. You are one of the main reasons why I am where I am. You taught me a lot and inspired me, way back in high school 🙂

Lucy - Wow, Michael. You are so talented. Every photo is stunning. I especially love the shot through the trees, their hands and Red dancing with his daughter. It’s clear you captured the essence of their wedding. What a gift you have!!!

Ben Blood - Woah man! These are incredible! Great work Michael. There are so many shots I like in this set.

karli - what a lovely couple! love the vibrant red. so classic.

Red and Rachel » Michael Porter Photography | Washington Wedding … | Washington - […] Red and Rachel » Michael Porter Photography | Washington Wedding … […]

The 4th of July, Whidbey Island

Ben Blood - Now that’s what I’m talking about. Looks great man!

Kayla - Wonderful photos and love the layout! 🙂 Nice work Michael!

jamila - that pic of you grampa’s sweater is golden!!!
looked like an awsome day.

Elaine - Great, Great pictures Michael

Jordan Rinta - I love Michael Porter Photography!

Nicole Yocousin - The pictures of grandma and grandpa are amazing 🙂 I’m grateful to have a photographer like you in the family!

My Favorite Little Boy

It was a joy to see my good friends Nate and Kendra. They live in Fresno, CA, but they are visiting Seattle right now. Here are a few photos that I took yesterday of their precious little boy, Seraph.

Kendra - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! These are amazing! Please send me the black and white one, if possible! Love, love, love it and LOVED seeing you!


Deanna - Wow! I know I am biased…but WHAT AN ADORABLE KID!!!

Actually, besides that, you did a great job of capturing him in all his adorableness.

Thanks for posting!